Back to work we go..

Jet on the Lunge Line

Ahh yesterday was so nice and pretty. The temperature here was in the 60s and the sun was shining. Since shows are starting to pick back up and the weather is warming up, I realized it’s time to get Jet back in shape. Of course, I’ve been lazy all winter and Jet’s been lazy all winter and we both are wanting to continue this pattern. Him especially, he gave me this pitiful look and if he could talk I know he would say, “Isn’t there a TV show you need to catch up on. I’m really hungry, let’s eat then do this.” But we both sucked up our laziness and went to work.

Jet Trotting on Lunge Line

Since he has had the last few years months off, I like to start out slowly with lungeing. Since Jet has anhidrosis, I have to be very careful not to over work him. So yesterday, we did 10 minutes of trotting in each direction and then a couple circles of loping each way. I was pleasantly surprised at just how well he did too. I taught Jet voice commands when he was younger which makes lungeing him to easy. All I do is say “trot” and cluck and he picks it up. Now I figured after so much time off he would be rusty and not moving forward when I ask but I was wrong. He did exactly what I asked when I asked it. 🙂

jet Flexing

After working him each way, I moved onto flexing. He did quite well with that too. He was a little stiff at first but after a few times he started to soften up.

Flexing Jet

Good thing I got to mess with him yesterday because there is 90% chance of rain here today. 🙁

How do you like to get your horse back in shape for the show season? Are there any special exercises you like to do?

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    Susie Blackmon
    February 16, 2012 at 1:01 pm

    Your picture reminds me of many good times I spent horseback riding in Turkey and Warsaw NC on my friends horse farm, beginning way back in the ’80’s. Glad you are having a mild winter so far.

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