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Equine Product Review

shoofly fly boots
Equine Product Review

Fly Boots That Work

It’s that time of year again when you can’t walk outside without the flies swarming all around you. Thankfully, we humans can get away from them and retreat into our houses when we’ve had enough of their pesky ways;…

Showman Horse Blanket
Equine Product Review

Showman Horse Blanket Review

Hello! Happy Hump day! Whoop whoop. 🙂 Since today is the first really cold winter like day we’re having in NC, I thought it would be perfect for sharing a review with you on a new horse blanket I just got for…

Equine Product Review

{Product Review} A Saddle Box

Howdy!! Happy Friday! How’s your week been? Are you glad it’s the weekend? I sure am!! I’m excited to have two whole days to relax, play with the horses and hopefully even make it to the lake. I have…

horse holster
Equine Product Review

{Product Review} The Horse Holster

Happy Hump Day Ya’ll!! 2 more days till the weekend! I.can.not.wait. It would be great though if NC was not in the path of Hurricane Matthew. If it doesn’t make it to us, then I’m planning to take Rumor…