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Equine Product Review

Noble Outfitters Yellow Tank
Equine Product Review

Noble Outfitters Shirts for Cowgirls

Hey Guys! It’s been a while since I’ve had a new fashion post, so I’m pretty excited to share these new clothes with you. 🙂  A couple weeks ago, Noble Outfitters reached out to me to talk about their…

Sierra Sweets Horse Treats
Equine Product Review

Horse Treats: Sierra Sweets Review

If your horses are like mine then I’m sure they LOVE horse treats. My horses love treats so much that it doesn’t matter what type of bag is making a noise, then automatically start whining, their ears perk up,…

A Horse Box
Equine Product Review

A Horse Box Review

Hey ya’ll! Hope your weekend is going well. I want to share a new product with you today.  If you’re like me and are leery to buy new products because your unsure if you will like them and don’t…

Equine Product Review

Every Horse Needs a Fashion Halter

If you’ve been following my blog and seeing the different pictures I post of my horses, then you know I love Designer halters. My favorite brand of Designer Halters is Red Haute Horse. While Christmas shopping I came across…