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Leather Honey Leather Conditioner {Review}

What up!! Boy is it great to have internet and power again! This last winter storm that came through was rough. We had to deal with ice and lots of tree’s down and power outages all over central NC. Schools are still out today due to power outages. It’s just been awful!

But anywho…

So recently I was contacted by the marketing team of Leather Honey to do a product review. I, of course, accepted because I love all/any products related to horses whether it be for my horses, tack, or for me. Leather Honey did spark my interest because I have never really tried anything else on my tack besides Neatsfoot Oil.

I followed the directions and cleaned my saddle thoroughly before applying the leather conditioner. My first thought when I opened the bottle and poured some onto my sponge was that this stuff had the same consistency as honey except it was clear. It was a thick, clear and sticky kinda of substance which had me a little worried but I went ahead and gave it a try.

Here’s the before pic of my saddle –

Dirty Saddle before cleaning


I applied it to all the leather places on my saddle and it did shine it up and it looked like new almost. I let it dry for a few minutes while I went and finished mucking stalls then came back and took this picture.


Saddle after I applied Leather Honey
















As you can see, it did make the leather look new and shiny but I’m not sure this is a product I would use again on my saddle. It’s not because I think it doesn’t do a good job though. I think it does do a good job and it probably is a good conditioner for leather, but I don’t like the stickiness of the substance. I feel like it will attract dirt and make the saddle that much harder to clean next time. Since I do use this saddle to trail ride in, I did want to see if the product would repel water since I have been caught in rain before and it did. Water beaded up and ran right off the saddle which was good.

Even though this isn’t a product I feel like I would use on my tack again, I think this product could be great for other uses like conditioning my boots! Since it repels water so well and my boots will be dirty no matter what. I definitely think this could help shine them up and keep them from soaking up water when I’m washing my horse or walking through water puddles.

So tell me…What is your favorite Leather Conditioner you use on your tack? Have you tried Leather Honey before? What did you like or dislike about it?


P.S. As I stated above, I was asked by the company to review their product and in exchange for my review I was given this product at no cost. However, I have always and will always tell it like it is, so if I don’t like something I will be 100% honest about it.:)

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    Weekend Cowgirl
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    Don’t use any saddles right now, but have some so guess I need to get them in shape!
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