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Gracie’s Stifle Story

horse rearing
Gracie's Stifle Story

5 Year Post Injury Update on Gracie

Y’all, I just looked back and it’s been 4 years since I’ve done a true update on Gracie. 🙈🙊 That’s horrible! I can’t believe I haven’t done anymore updates, no wonder I get emails asking me about her. Now I…

Riding Gracie
Gracie's Stifle Story

Stifle Blistering Recovery Week 2

One more day ya’ll..   One more day of work and then it’s play time. For those that don’t live in the area, this weekend is a big weekend for cowgirls around here. Tomorrow starts the first day of…

Gracie's Stifle Story

Equine Stifle Problems and Blistering

  Good Morning! Did you remember to change your clocks this weekend? I can’t believe it’s about to be winter. Although for some I guess they are already feeling like it is. This summer was so nice, I’m really…