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A Company who Cares about Their Customers {Oxy-Gen Review}

Earlier this year I switched from using a joint supplement I had been using for YEARS to a new brand because it was getting really good reviews. It also was a well-known and used brand in the barrel racing world. The brand is Oxy-Gen and you’ve probably heard of their products by now. They have supplements for horses with breathing issues, ulcers, joint needs and more.

What got me interested in their products was their supplements that help with breathing issues. Since Rumor has some allergies which cause her to have some breathing issues, I thought Oxy-Gen might be a great solution. I liked that their products had ingredients in it for respiratory and joint health which meant I could buy one supplement and not multiples. (Disclaimer- I’m not quite sure the product I’m feeding does help Rumors breathing as much as I needed it too, so I am also using a different supplement that is specific for respiratory issues and from a different company. However, Oxy-gen does have another products which might be a better solution for Rumor, I was just trying to keep costs down by purchasing a product that was a little cheaper and could be fed to 3 horses.)

The supplement I use from Oxy-Gen is called Oxy-Gen Extreme. Here is a look at the Ingredients.

oxy-gen extremeoxy-gen extreme (Source Oxyinfo.com)

I have been buying the biggest bucket you can get which is supposed to last 1 horse 10 months. With me feeding it to 3, I’m having to buy it every 3 months.

I really like this supplement and it’s definitely been well worth the costs. I did look into Oxy-Gen because of Rumor but I also wanted a supplement that would help Te and Gracie, both of whom have arthritis and needed something with higher levels of MSM and Glucosamine. I’ve been using this product since the beginning of the year and it’s worked really well. Since using it, I’ve seen the biggest difference in Te. Before he wouldn’t run much in the pasture and was slow to get out of his stall. His legs were so stiff too. After moving him to this supplement, he’s acting like a younger boy again. Out running with the other horses, rarely stocked up in the stall and just seems to be more comfortable.

My reason for sharing this product is because I want to highlight how awesome my rep is and how her and Oxy-Gen helped me with a problem I had been having. With all the buckets I’ve bought, I’ve been coming up short on the amount I’m supposed to get in each bucket. The bucket should feed 267 days, however every bucket I’ve got has fed less than that. A few times it was short a few days/weeks of supplement but this last time it was short a month’s worth. (If you’re wondering how I know this, I am the anal person who writes down start dates on the buckets in permanent marker.)

When I first recognized the problem, I contacted my rep right away and told her about it. She reached out to the company and made them aware and at the time they were going to look into it. Well this last bucket I just finished up was short about 30 days’ worth of supplement which was HUGE! So I contacted my rep right away and she contacted the company again. After us all talking, we found the problem. The directions on the website say to feed 3 oz per day for a maintenance dose. The directions on the bucket say to feed 3 oz (one full enclosed scoop) per day. So I have been feeding 1 full scoop to each horse each day. While talking to my rep, I looked at my scoop closer and come to find out, the top line on the scoop said 4 oz. So one full scoop was feeding 4 oz a day not 3 oz. So I was feeding too much which is most likely the reason the buckets weren’t lasting the full 267 days. I should have looked at the scoop but I just assumed it was 3 oz since the directions said to feed “one full enclosed scoop.” From now on I’ll pay greater attention to detail.

What was great about this whole process of talking to the rep and company, was that we discovered what the problem was and how to fix it. Not only that but the company offered to send me a 2 month supply for FREE to make up for the supplement I thought I wasn’t getting. Obviously, we know I probably was since I was over feeding but since they realize it was a mistake on their part as well, they are generous enough to make up for it by sending me that. Best part – I didn’t even ask for it! The only reason I reached out to the rep was because I wanted to make the company aware. Not one time did I ask them to send me additional supplement for FREE. I just wanted to let her know that I wasn’t happy I wasn’t getting what was promised and that if it wasn’t fixed I would have to find a different supplement. So for them to offer to send me additional supplement for free without being asked, really proved to me how great of a company they are and how satisfied they want all of their customers to be. {Disclaimer – the conversation with my rep and the company took place yesterday and the replacement supplement is supposed to go out today. So I should get it soon and when I do, I’ll update you and let you know they did follow through with their promise. 🙂 }

If you would like to learn more about Oxy-Gen or are interested in giving their supplements a try, reach out to my rep Reed Dale. She’s awesome to work with and can answer any questions you have.

You can also read more about the full line of products Oxy-Gen has by going to https://oxyinfo.com/.


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