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Best 4 of 2012: April

Gone! Just like that April is over. It feels like it just started a few days ago too. Here are the top 4 posts from April.

Trail Riding at Mt. Rogers – Pony Pics
What a great trail ride this was. Despite the weather not cooperating we still rode half a day and came across these cute little ponies! They are the best part of Mt. Rogers in my opinion.



Many Blessings Off the Track Thoroughbred Rescue
Here are some beautiful TBs that need to be adopted. They are done with their racing careers and ready to find forever homes with a new owner that will spoil them. The adoptions range from $500-$800 and that includes shipping to NC.




Our First Rodeo Mishap
Ahh looking back I still can’t believe we did so bad. I was so sure we would run well and be in the money. I never would have imagined he would be so scared of everything. But hey, it happens and we’ve moved on. Next time we’ll both be ready for the scary rodeo scene.



A Game of Horsey Chicken
This video still cracks me up. Vinni and Spur are so funny when they get to playing and acting silly. I could sit and watch them all day and never be bored.




In case you missed them:


What were you’re favorites to read this past month?

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