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Cowgirl Jeans: Miss Me Horseshoe Wing Cross Jeans

I love Miss Me Jeans! I have never found another pair of jeans that fit me so well. Normally jeans either fit in the waste and are big in the legs. Or they fit the legs and I can’t buckle them. With Miss Me Jeans its different. They fit perfectly and they are so comfortable. Another great thing about these jeans is the fact they are made long, so when I’m riding they don’t ride up my leg. Of course, my favorite part is the bling on the pockets.

You might remember the Miss Me Horseshoe jeans I posted a few months ago. Well these are somewhat similar.  They too have horseshoes. They are called the Horseshoe Wing Cross Boot Cuts Jeans by Miss Me.

Miss Me Jeans Horseshoe Cross Wings

Miss Me Horseshoe Cross Wing

What do you think? Do you like them?

What’s your favorite brand of jeans?

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