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Trail Riding at Mt. Rogers. Part 1 {Pics}

I <3 Mt. Rogers. I love being in the mountains and smelling the fresh air. I like seeing all the creeks running through the fields and beside the roads. I like all the hills and openness. I also love how everything is so rustic and beautiful. Mt. Rogers has become my home away from home. If you haven’t been I highly recommend you go! A good friend of mine has a trail riding business there and he loves showing people the beauty that the mountain has to offer. Whether you want to come and ride his horses or bring your own, this place is somewhere you need to add to your vacation list. If you’re interested in going up and trail riding, contact me and I’ll put you in touch with Doug. He’ll take you on a trail ride you’re sure to remember!

This is the view from the top.

View of Mt. RogersHere we are riding up to the tie posts at the “Scales”

Riding up to the Scales

Here we’re letting the horses take a break after a long hike up the mountain. All the horses shown here are horses that Doug uses for Trail Rides.

Tie post at Scales

Here is my mountain horse Dooey. I’ll have to tell you the story about him in another post.


A view of Dooey over looking the mountain.


The view of the “Scales”. People can drive up here or hike up here and camp. It’s primitive camping but they do have a restroom/outhouse.

Taking a break at the Scales

Another View of the mountain

Mt Rogers

Three Peaks Trail

Riding on the Trail at Mt Rogers

Still on Three Peaks Trail

Riding Three Peaks Trail at Mt Rogers

Riding Three Peaks Trail at Mt Rogers

Jackie Street Trail

Riding Jackie Street Trail at Mt Rogers

Riding Jackie Street Trail at Mt Rogers

We rode for 7 hours this day! 😀 What do you think? Pretty awesome, huh?!

In case you’re thinking I forgot to post pictures of the wild ponies…I haven’t. I’ll have those up tomorrow morning, so be sure to check back then! 😉



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  • Reply
    Teresa Waddle
    April 3, 2012 at 9:34 am

    my husband and i love to trail ride, our son has been to mt rogers and they loved it, your pictures make me wont to come over even more,would love to see the wild ponies, Our problem is and we dont hold it against no one what they do or judge anyone and its all to there own, but john and i dont like to ride with anyone who like to drink, would you send some info on what you think of this. I also need to kno if there are camping spots cause we would be comming about 2 hrs away. Even tho our pastor dont like us missing church, we only go a few weekends out of the year to Dismel and camp with the horses for our vacations thats the only place we go and the only thing we do, Hope i didnt offend you was not my intenchion, Thank you and cant wait to see the other pic, Thanks again Teresa waddle.

    • Reply
      NC Cowgirl
      April 3, 2012 at 9:54 am

      Hi Teresa! I can understand that. Sometimes people do get to crazy when they are drinking and riding and it becomes dangerous for everyone. I’m not against drinking as long as its responsible and your not “Drunk riding” as I like to call it. I’ll shoot you an email with some camping places. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my pictures! 🙂

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