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Last Barrel Show of the Season

Good Morning! How was your weekend?

My weekend was wonderful and I was able to attend the first barrel show 11 Bar East Ranch in Sanford put on. Let me tell you, this place was nice! I’m very glad I decided to go to this show because I met some great people while I was there and have some great take a ways from it.

Gracie has been a little off this week so I wasn’t able to take her like I had planned to, so instead I took Vinni. I got a video of us trotting through the barrel pattern and I must say he doesn’t look to bad. You have to keep in mind this is only his 2nd show and at his first one he was looney. I expected him to be a little hot headed and crazy here but he really wasn’t. He listened to all my cues and the only problem we had was when he got a little scared going around the barrel. He’s not scared of the barrels, he’s scared of the footing. I was hoping we would be past that some with all the trail riding I’ve done on him but I guess not. Ehh oh well. We can work on that. I’m still proud of him.

Not bad, don’t you think?

I wish I had video of us trotting the second time and then loping through but I don’t. A friend of mine came to the show too and since this wasn’t a sanctioned show I was able to ride his horse in it. You probably will remember Spur from other posts. He’s such a good boy.

We had a 3D time which wasn’t bad considering how much work Spur did before we ran. When I say work, I really mean it too. Spur was ridden in 4 exhibitions and for countless hours before the show. He know is ridden by my friends daughter and she’s at the stage right now that she loves trotting and loping, so she rode him around the arena every chance she could. Check out her riding him in this video. Isn’t it adorable! You just can’t beat a horse like him. He is such a babysitter.

After riding and then watching these videos I definitely have a list of things to improve upon.

1. Building Vinni’s confidence around the barrels when the footings already worked up.

2. Improving our turns so they are tighter as we come out of the turn. Although, I think this would have been a lot better if he wasn’t scared of the footing. We’re turning pretty good at home.

3. Improving my seat and keeping my arms closer together so I’m not a flying chicken.


Did you attend any shows this weekend? If you did, how did your horse and you do?

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