5 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Horses (and their owners)

Can you believe Christmas is in exactly 2 weeks! I can’t. It feels like Fall just got here. Heck it’s still warm here!

Since Christmas is so close I thought I would list out my favorite last minute Christmas Gifts to get for your horse.


1. Bell Boots – I’m a huge fan of No Turn Bell Boots by Classic Equine. These fit my horses great and don’t cause sores. They also come in cute patterns and are easy to clean.

No Turn Bell Boots by Classic Equine









2. Polo Wraps – I love the pattern polo wraps Classic Equine has out right now.  

Polo Wraps by ClassicEquine










3. New Halter – I LOVE Red Haute Halters. They have tons of designs to choose from and their halters hold up through wear and tear for many years.

Red Haute Horse Halters












4. Detangle and Shine Spray from Elite Equine – You can read why I love this product here.

E3 Elite Equine Detangles & Shines Spray










5. Apple Waffers – My horses love these treats. I buy a 20lb bag from Tractor Supply and it lasts months. I don’t actually buy the bag shown in the picture. I prefer to buy Producer’s Pride which is only $9.99 a bag.

Apple Waffers from Tractor Supply















Some of my favorite online stores to shop at are:

  • Valley Vet Equine – Always competivite prices and FREE Shipping
  • –  Right now save 10% and get FREE Shipping on orders over $89.
  • Big Dee’s Tack – Right now get FREE Shipping on orders over $70.
  • Schneiders Tack – Lots of Great Specials right now and FREE Shipping over $100.

 What Christmas gifts have you bought for your horse?

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