A Mountain Getaway to Recharge My Soul

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Earlier this week I went to the mountains of VA to visit Doug, ride horses and just getaway for a few days. I needed to get away so my soul could be recharged and revived. To a certain extent I knew the job I left was sucking the life out of me. I could tell for the past year that I was starting to become more of a homebody, I wasn’t doing the things I loved as much and when I did it wasn’t as fun as it could be, I was always moody, I was more negative/anxious/worried then I ever had been and in all honesty I think I was depressed. I knew it was the job too. I HATED going to my job more then I have ever hated any job before. It was an unfair workplace, the moral in the office was bad,┬áthe owners never noticed any of the big issues the office had or if they did they never tried to fix them. Hell my boss was extremely blind to everything happening within my own department or didn’t care one. Who knows which. All I can tell you is that I felt like I was in a very very toxic relationship and I waited way to long to get out. I let money and fear keep me from leaving.

Thankfully, I got over my fears and got debt free so that I could quit. I just wish it would have happened sooner but it’s over now and I’m finally able to breathe again and get back to feeling like ME.

It’s took longer then I thought it would for me to feel good again though… TWO WEEKS to be exact.

Last week I still had the dark cloud and blah feeling. By Friday I was starting to feel like it was lifting which might have just been the excitement of knowing I would be getting away soon.

Well Monday finally arrived and I loaded up my truck and headed straight for the Mountains – Mt. Rogers to be exact. Going to the mountains has always been good for my soul and mind. It’s a time for me to relax, turn off all the outside noise (phones, tv, internet, etc) and just enjoy nature. There is something so special about getting on a horse and going for a trail ride in the mountain and seeing beautiful scenery and wildlife. To me, it’s very relaxing and helps to clear my mind. This time though it did more for me then just allow me to relax. Not only did it help to clear my mind but it also helped my soul recharge and feel renewed. I only stayed 3 days and 2 nights but it seems that’s all I needed to come home feeling alive and ready to take on the world. I have not smiled as much or felt so much happiness inside me in soooooo long. I swear I could totally jump for joy for no reason. I want to scream and shout just for the hell of it. I have tears of joy just thinking about how happy I am inside now.

horseback riding in the mountains horseback riding in the mountains wild ponies of VA

wild pony in the mountains

This mountain trip helped me gain clarity on where I want to go with my life and the person I want to be. It helped me clear out the negative thoughts and brought back the creative positive thinking I use to be full of. Seriously, I feel revived and alive.nature quote

I’m more ready then ever to not only grow my families business and become a successful entrepreneur. I’m also ready to spend a lot more time in the saddle then I have this year.

Never again will I let a job chip away at my soul. Lesson Learned!

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