Prayer Request for Gracie

PerksRushinBrook & NC Cowgirl

Good Morning. Last night was pretty rough for Gracie and I. When I got to the farm after work I noticed something wasn’t right with her so I immediately called the vet. I could tell it wasn’t colic but by the way she was standing she was in pain.

The vet came out and checked her over and couldn’t find anything visibly wrong. We both could see she was uncomfortable and hurting because her back was drawn up, she was breathing a little fast, and she was very short strided and not wanting to walk. He believes the injury could be in her neck but can’t be certain what type of injury it is without x-rays. The type of x-rays she would need can also only be done at the NC State Vet school.

To keep costs down and hoping for the best, we’re going to treat her like she’s pulled a muscle or pinched a nerve. She was given 4cc’s of bute in the vein and put on stall rest with bute twice a day for the next few days. If she gets better then it was muscle related. If she doesn’t then it could be a more serious like a spine injury.

So I’m asking all of you, to help me pray for her. To pray that she gets well and it’s nothing serious. My hopes are high that this is just a minor injury and she will be back playing in the pasture this weekend.

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