Present to Myself – New Truck Tires

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Santa was good to you! Braxton sure did have a great Christmas and got WAY to many gifts! The boy racked up tons of remote control toys. He’s all into that stuff right now. I will admit I enjoy them too. I like flying the helicopter and the fast little car. When I was little I loved playing with my brothers toys and never really fancied barbies. Not to say I didn’t have them, but I would much rather play with the boy toys. So it worked out well that I had a boy because I know exactly what to get him and I know we’ll both enjoy playing with them, haha.

As for myself….I bought me new truck tires. My old Michelin tires (see picture above) were starting to look bald in spots (see picture below) and when the road was wet I was hydroplaning, so I figured I would splurge and get some new tires.

I didn’t know if I wanted to go back with Michelin tires or BF Goodrich or a new tire everyone is talking about called a Yokohama. After much research and visualization of what the new ones would look like I went with the BF Goodrich All-Terain Tires.

The reason I decided to go with these were because:

1. Tory has a set and likes his. They seem to hold up pretty well too.

2. They are good off road tires and since I use my truck for many different things around the farm that was a must.

3. The wear life is good.

4. They just look tough and I thought they would make Ole Blue, yes I named my truck, look good. 🙂 It’s all about appearance right!? 😛

I must say a BIG Thank you to Mac Tire in Snow Camp, NC for their service. They worked with me to get the tires I wanted and even stayed past their desired closing time on Friday just to make sure I got them.

As you can see I also kept the old tires. I plan to reuse them on the farm. I’m going to use them to put feed pans in so my horses won’t continue to paw the pans and dump them over. Good idea, don’t ya think!? For those of you that might decide to do this too, just make sure to check inside the tires during spring and summer because they are a great hiding place for snakes!

Did you splurge on yourself this Christmas? What did you get?

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