Why She’s Good for My Soul

Remember Rumor? The cutest little black and white horse that came to live with me back in October. Well let me tell you, this little mare has been so much fun to have around these past few months. Not only was her arrival perfect timing in order to help keep my mind occupied after losing Vinnie, but the fact that her personality is so much like his, keeps me smiling and laughing. Being around her makes me happy and has been good for my soul. 

Let me share with you some of the things that make me happy and make me laugh.


Happy Moment

This was our second show together this past November. We didn’t place and probably had the slowest time of all the runs but to me, it was the best run! I’ll be honest the arena footing didn’t seem to be holding up well for the horses that I watched run before me and the horse right before me actually had a big slip and just about went down on her side. Seeing that scared me a bit and I was worried Rumor would get hurt, so I decided to just take it easy and enjoy the ride instead of trying to run fast and place. I love love love that she listened to me and went at a pace I felt comfortable going, she did have a slight stumble coming out of this barrel (which is the same one that the horse before her had the big slip at) and overall I felt like we really got a better feeling for each other this time compared to our first show which was a disaster. After the show I left with the biggest, widest grin and feeling extremely happy and grateful.

barrel racing paint horse


Laughing Moment

Trail riding with a donkey will give you some great laughs. This is “Lil Donkey” and my friend takes him trail riding with us. He actually follows us through the trail like a dog and has never run off. He’s got a bell on his halter so he can hear him too. This was the first time Rumor had seen him and she started out being a little chicken of the itty bitty donkey but slowly warmed up to him. After a couple hours of riding with him, she was so funny and started to herd him and make him stay in line with the rest of the horses. I don’t know if she was trying to be a bossy mare or a motherly figure to him, either way tho, she was so funny. My mouth started hurting after laughing so much. 

horse and donkey


Happy Moments

Riding this mare. O-M-G do I love riding her. She can be stubborn at times and a perfect angel at others but every ride is fun. I find myself wanting to ride her longer and longer each time I get on. The past few days I’ve been working with her on keeping her head down and stretching through her back. After three days of teaching her to give to the bridle and stretch down, she now has it down at the trot. The moment I pick up on the reins she drops her head and gives to the bit. Just love it. 🙂 

riding rumor riding rumor2


Laughing Moments

She LOVES to roll as soon as I turn her out after a good ride. I think she just loves getting as dirty as possible. I’d like to think it’s so that I will spend more time with her brushing her off but I’m sure its more of a – Watch This! as she laughs to herself – kind of thing.  

horse rolling

This really had me laughing. A few weeks ago we got about 5″ of snow and Rumor decided that the snow off the well house tasted so much better then the snow off the ground and better then hay! She sat there eating it until it was all gone. LOL. I had thought about making her snow cream but didn’t.

snow eating horses


So Tell Me..

What are some things your horse(s) do that make you happy or make you laugh?


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