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A Thankful Trail Ride with my Bestest 4-legged Friend

This past weekend was so nice here in NC. The sun was shining and it was in the 70s. You just can’t ask for nicer weather in my opinion and I was very thankful for it after all the rain and colder temps we’ve had lately! So I decided to trailer over to Cedar Rock Park for a short trail ride.

Saddling Up

Jet even seemed excited about it. This was the first time he has been off the farm and ridden since beginning of spring. If he could talk I could imagine him saying, “Wahoo..momma’s takin me for a ride!”

So I saddled up and we prepared to mosey on down the trail.

Trail Ride - Cedar Rock Park

Here’s a short video of the first creek we came too. Jet LOVES water. More so than any horse I know. He loves to splash and play in it. Heck one time I took him out into a big mud puddle in the field and we played in it together. It was like a scene off the black stallion. He would chase me in the water and I would chase him. He’d splash me and I’d splash him. I feel so lucky to have such a special bond like that with him. He’s my best friend on 4 legs!

I only rode for a couple hours but it was the best 2 hours in awhile. It felt so good to be back on top of him and trail riding.  Best of all, a miracle happened! Jet sweat for the first time on his own without the help of his meds! See Jet was diagnosed with Anhidrosis a few years ago and since then he’s really struggled to sweat and would over heat during summer. Hence the reason I couldn’t ride him for awhile this year. But more to come on this miracle so stay posted!

Jet at Cedar Rock

Were you able to get away from all the caos this past weekend and ride? Or maybe something special happened for you this weekend?

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