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Barrel Racing on Spur
Barrel Racing Horses

Last Barrel Show of the Season

Good Morning! How was your weekend? My weekend was wonderful and I was able to attend the first barrel show 11 Bar East Ranch in Sanford put on. Let me tell you, this place was nice! I’m very glad…

PerksRushinBrook around barrels
Barrel Racing Horses

Weekend Riding Pictures

Good Morning! How was your weekend? This was my first weekend home and not traveling in a while and it was great! All of my horses got worked and I took Gracie to a friends arena to work her.…

Vinni posing for the camera
Barrel Racing Horses

Vinni learns the barrel pattern..slowly

Good Morning! I don’t know about you but I sure am glad it’s Thursday. I’m ready for this weekend and everything I’ve got planned. Saturday I’m going to take Vinni trail riding at Cedar Rock. The trail there is…

Barrel Racing Horses

Cross Training your Barrel Racing Mount

Today’s guest post comes from Brittany: “Brittany Lambert owns and operates Wishing Winds Ranch. Brittany was born in 1985 and fell in love with horses at the age of 3.  She began her real riding career at the age of…