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Horse Barn Improvements Part 1: Gutting the Barn

Talk about hard work that was a ton of fun and full of good laughs. Who knew tearing down walls in the horse barn would provide so much entertainment. Oh wait, that entertainment wasn’t the work itself – it was everyone watching me try to sling a sledgehammer. I’ll admit I got a few good laughs out too. I wish the video would upload to Youtube but it kept having issues so unfortunately I can’t show it to you guys. Boo 🙁

So anyway.

When we bought the farm I knew right away the horse stalls the old owners were using were not going to be safe for my horses. They were basically made from scrap plywood pieces. The walls themselves were very thin and flimsy. With my horses – I.e. Vinni – being a kicker, I knew that he would kick right through those walls and I’d end up with a hurt horse and a large vet bill. So I decided those stalls had to go.

Horse Stalls Before

Horse Stalls Before


So we got out the sledgehammer, regular hammers, ply bar and the loader.

Horse Stalls Tear down

barn before loader

Barn Empty


We tore down everything.

Stay tuned for the next barn update.

UPDATE: The Step by Step guide to building these stalls is now available! So if you’re ready to start your very own project, click here to see the booklet options.

What barn renovations have you done lately?

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