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My Big Dream Barrel Saddle

Hey Hey! How was your weekend? Do anything fun?

This weekend was great for me. The weather here in NC has been really nice this past week. It’s been in the 80s and no rain! I thought the rain was never going to end for a while. This summer has been the wettest it’s been in years. Normally we have to deal with droughts but not this year. It’s rained at least 1-2 days each week and caused the ground to just be nasty. Most of the time it would be on the weekends too.  Go figure.

But anyway. My weekend was extra great because I got to spend a lot of much needed time in the saddle. I haven’t been able to really ride Gracie since her injury last year and then all the house projects have been priority so my time in the saddle was basically zilch. But that’s all changing now.

Last week my new saddle came in!


kelly kaminski barrel saddle


You see, I haven’t been riding Gracie because I wanted to give her plenty of time off to fully recover but also because my saddle I’ve been riding in didn’t fit her. My chiro told me it was hurting her back – altho I will say she never had any dry spots when I would take it off – and since I didn’t want her to hurt and I wanted her to perform at her best, I ended up buying a brand new saddle that would fit her better.

I bought the Kelly Kaminski Big Dreams Barrel Saddle with the Flex2 tree.


kelly kaminski barrel saddle


This saddle is awesome too. Not only is the seat extra comfortable but the I feel more balanced on my horse. I don’t feel like I sit so high off her back.


Underside of barrel saddle


Some of the special features included in this saddle (and the reasons I bought it) are:

  • XPG Bar pad for horses comfort
  • Non-wool skirt which improves fit
  • Impact Foam Seat Padding
  • Flex2 Tree
  • Turquoise Alligator Leather
  • Cross inlay
  • Pre-twisted stirrups – love this because we all know how much of a pain it is to break in stirrups


In case you’re wondering, this saddle did cost me a pretty penny and it’s the most money I’ve EVER spent on a saddle before. But I really wanted a nice saddle for Gracie and I knew if I took care of this saddle properly that it would last me years.

I rode in it every day last week and I have to tell you, it really is a dream saddle. At this point, I definitely think it was well worth the money and that I’ll really enjoy riding in it.


Te wanted to make sure I took a pic of him. He says hello to everyone! 🙂

Barrel saddle


Have you bought a new saddle lately?

What were the selling features of the saddle you bought?

What is your favorite saddle to ride in?

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