My New Horse Trailer

Exiss 4 Horse Trailer

It’s official! I now am the proud owner of an Exiss 4-Horse LQ trailer. 😀 I came across this trailer last week and noticed it was priced really good considering all the bells and whistles it has. This horse trailer is set up with LQ in the front, a cowboy shower, Hay Rack, Awning, Hot and Cold Water, and TONS of Lights (always a plus). Got there and fell in love with it at first site. There are a few minor problems (i.e All 3 windows need to be repaired, Small hole in the inside side wall, and lights aren’t working but not sure if that’s b/c of my truck or the trailer) that need to be fixed but nothing that was worth completely writing off the trailer. I want to give a BIG shout out to Darryl Floars Motor Cars in Goldsboro,NC! They are the ones that sold me the trailer and I have to say they are great people! From the very first phone call to the signing of the papers everything was wonderful.

Signing off the papers

So proud to be signing those papers!

More Signing of papers

This little man is turning 9 if I remember correctly. Happy Birthday Grayson (hope I’m spelling that right)!

Exiss 4Horse Trailer

While I’m not going to share what I paid for the trailer, I will say Darryl met me at the price I wanted to be at  and I feel like I got an awesome deal despite the repairs that need to be made. Which stay tuned because I will be doing another post about the repairs since I did lots of research on it and found some great info I want to share.

Thanks again to Darryl and Mike at Darryl Floars Motor Cars. If you’re looking for a horse trailer they still have a NICE Sundowner for sale and they get more in weekly.

You can contact Mike or Darryl at  (919)739-9111.

Your Turn:

  • What type of trailer do you own? What do you love best about owning your own trailer? I’m excited to finally be able to haul myself around again.

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