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Underrun Heels
Barefoot Horse

Going Barefoot: Part 2 – The Changes

Hello! Happy Thanksgiving! Can you believe it’s the end of the year and in a few short weeks Christmas and New Years will be here! Gosh, this year has flown by!! Well, it’s been 3 weeks since I first…

Underrun Heels
Barefoot Horse

No More Shoeing. My Horses are Going Barefoot!

Hey Friends! After years of frustration with hoof problems that farriers haven’t been able to fix. My horses will now transition to being barefoot. No more shoeing. No more feet problems caused by shoeing. Now the horses are barefoot.…

NC Cowgirl

#FixerUpper Horse Trailer โ€“ DIY for Less Than $400

Alright yโ€™all, brace yourself now and prepare your facial muscles. Iโ€™m certain Iโ€™m going to have some dropped jaws when you see what I did to my new horse trailer! LOL. The quick story โ€“ I bought a small…

Grooming your Horse

MUDEELA Shedding Gloves for Horses

Hey Yโ€™all! Hope you had a great Easter weekend! I got to spend it with family and watching my cute little nephew hunt for eggs and eat way too many oreos. ๐Ÿ™‚ Here lately, the weather has been super…