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Wild Ponies, Bucking Horse, and Peaceful Riding

I’m very addicted to riding at Mt. Rogers, as if you can’t tell already. This last weekend was a really great ride and I have been itching to share some pictures with you. We rode to the Scales on top of Pine Mountain and then started on VA Highlands trail. This trail was really nice and partly in the woods. From it we broke off onto Wilburn Ridge Trail and rode up to Rhododendron Gap. While on this trail we saw lots of wild ponies! I love ponies! After stopping at the Gap to let the horses break we rode back on the Crest trail to the Scales. The ride took a total of 6 hours and was amazing!

Dooey was a bit of a hand full on the ride and thought he was trying out to be a bucking bronco for rodeos. He bucked me a couple times and actually got me off at one point. Luckily, I landed on my feet and didn’t get hurt. He looked at me quite funny and I knew he was thinking “well darn, didn’t expect that. Guess there’s no point in acting like a fool anymore.” After I checked the saddle I got back on and we continued on the ride. He didn’t buck again the rest of the day. 🙂 Silly horse!

Anyway, here’s some pictures from our ride. Enjoy!

Dooey and Wild Pony

Dooey and one of the Wild Ponies sniffing noses. Aren’t they cute!

Say hello to Doug! He does guided trail rides at Mt. Rogers.

Riding on Wilburn Ridge Trail at Mt. Rogers

Riding on Wilburn Ridge Trail at Mt. Rogers

More Riding on Wilburn Ridge Trail

Riding on the Crest Trail

More views on the Crest Trail

Wild Ponies of Mt. Rogers

Wild Ponies of Mt. Rogers

Wild Ponies we saw while Riding at Mt. Rogers

More Wild Ponies we saw while Riding at Mt. Rogers

herd of Wild Ponies at Mt. Rogers

Another Herd of Wild Ponies at Mt. Rogers


Ready to ride at Mt. Rogers now? If you’re interested in riding up there give Doug a call and make sure to tell him Ashley from NC Cowgirl sent you! Here’s his contact information:

Doug Cregger (276) 783-4136

I’m planning another trip up for Memorial Weekend. If you’re interested in joining me for a few days of trail riding shoot me an email. I can tell you great places to camp and bring your own horse or rent a cabin and horse up there! The more the merrier!


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