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squamous cell carcinoma tumor on horse eyelid

Squamous Cell Carcinoma on Rumor’s Eyelid

Earlier this year, Rumor, my black and white paint horse had a red spot come up on her eyelid. I was concerned when I first noticed it but didn’t want to rush to have the vet out until I…

Camping Essentials
Trail Riding

My Horse Camping Essentials

Fall is finally here and I couldn’t be more happy about it then I am! Fall is my favorite season for many reason but one of them is because I love to camp during this time of year. I…

Horse ant bites

Ants and Horses = Bad Combination

OMG ya’ll. I have never had a horse get eaten up by ants as bad as Te did a few weeks ago. It was awful! If you follow me on Instagram (northcarolinacowgirl) you probably saw the video I posted…

Rumor and I before the barrel race

A Black and White Dream Come True

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve dreamed of owning a horse of every color. My very first horse was an Appaloosa named Freckles. She was beautiful to me. A big white canvas with speckles of brown and…

Barrel Racing

Season 2, Barrel Race #10: 1st in the 4D

Hey! Happy Monday….NOT! I swear the weekends go by too fast and we should have more days off then just 2 a week. Anyway though, if you follow me on Instagram then you know I spent Saturday at a barrel race. While…

horse kisses girl

A Scary (Cast) Situation

Good Morning!  I think I’m still trying to recover this morning after my eventful evening. I now know in bad human situations I can stay calm, but in bad horsey situation (i.e my horse cast again a fence), forget…

Barrel Racing

Season 2, Barrel Race #9: 3rd in the 4D

Hey Ya’ll! How was your weekend? Did you do any barrel racing or riding? Rumor and I went to a barrel race this weekend and despite being super out of shape and having no practice we did pretty decent. I’ve spent…