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I Love Riding & Camping at Leatherwood Mountains

Four days to go until I’m loading up Vinni and heading to Leatherwood! I could not be more excited either. Remember when you were a kid and how excited you got on Christmas morning to see what Santa brought? Well that’s exactly how I feel about this trip. I have been wanting to go to NC Mountains for YEARS to see the fall colors. Ever since I was a little girl I have LOVED Fall. Growing up in FL I didn’t get to see the changing of the leaves. The deep reds, bright oranges, and yellows of the leaves have always fascinated me. When I was little and we would come visit, I would always collect as many of the leaves as I could. I never did anything with them, I just wanted them.

Finally my time to visit the mountains and see the leaves changing is now. I also heard on the news that this weekend is the Peak weekend for leaves in NC!  Just check out this picture I found on their website.

Leatherwood Mountains

The Fall leave colors of Leatherwood Mountains.

Aren’t the colors breathtaking? Well I won’t say too much more about this place because I plan to take lots of pictures and share it with you when I return.

What is Fall like in your part of the country? Do you get to experience the changing of leaves and all the beautiful bright colors?


 All Images  came from Leatherwood’s Website.

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