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NC Cowgirl

Trail Riding

Enjoy a Day Ride at Raven Rock

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of trail riding with my horses because one of my goals this year is to ride more. Not just throw on a saddle and ride but go places to ride. I love trail…

scoot boots
Barefoot Horse

Why I Love Scoot Boots

A few years ago I decided to stop shoeing my horses and let them stay barefoot. Considering how much I love trail riding, I knew Rumor and Gracie would need hoof boots to protect their feet on rough terrain.…

treeless saddle
Horse Tack Sets

The Best Treeless Saddle

Around this time last year, I bought my 1st “expensive” treeless saddle. It’s a Horse Tack World Circle Y barrel saddle. I say it’s my first expensive treeless saddle because I had bought a cheap Hilason treeless first. Needless…

shoofly fly boots
Equine Product Review

Fly Boots That Work

It’s that time of year again when you can’t walk outside without the flies swarming all around you. Thankfully, we humans can get away from them and retreat into our houses when we’ve had enough of their pesky ways;…